Plastic movable smurf - Global Smurfday Smurf - (reissue 2019, +/- 20 cm)


Plastic movable smurf (reissue 2019,  +/- 20 cm). A must have item for every smurf collector.

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Plastic movable smurf / Global smurfday smurf  (reissue 2019, +/- 20 cm).

Known to most collectors as the Global Smurfs Day smurf, armies of the smurf coloured version of this figure first appeared in cities and landmarks all over the world in 2013 to promote the Smurfs 2 movie and celebrate the 85th birthday of Peyo. Since then, many variations of this collectible figurine have been issued, including this plastic movable yellow version (reissued in 2019, +/- 20 cm).

The yellow smurf was released at the same time as the black and red variants to represent the colours of the Belgian flag. You can find all of the different versions of the Global Smurfs Day smurf in our webshop.

A must have item for every smurf collector.


Plastic movable smurf 2019 red