Every year, The Dutch Smurf Collectors Foundation (DSCF)/ "Stichting van Smurfenverzamelaars" organizes in total 3 smurf collectors fairs in the Netherlands. In 2018 we are looking forward to the following smurf fairs:

  • Save the date: Bluedwarfs.com Online Sales Day: Sunday 8 of November 
  • Time: 10.30 a.m (ONLINE ONLY)
  • What to expect?Many vintage, rare and special smurf items that we collected during the last months will be at the same time online at Bluedwarfs.com. 
  • How it works?On our special SALES DAY PAGE at Bluedwarfs.com we publish at 10.30 CET all products at the same time. The link (without products) will be published before on our homepage. First comes first smurfed principle
  • Sunday 22 november 2020 ("De Schalm" in De Meern, near Utrecht)


Wagenberg: Café “Bij Bas”, Dorpsstraat 26, 4845 CE Wagenberg, The Netherlands
De Meern: "Cultureel centruk de Schalm", Oranjelaan 10, 3454 BT De Meern, The Netherlands
Leerdam: Bluedwarfs.com, Energieweg 15(15-Z), 4143 HK, Leerdam, The Netherlands. Open for visitors: 9.30 -15.30. Free entrance.

Bluedwafs.com Smurf fair: Sunday 28 June 2020.

One of the biggest smurf fairs in the world is on in June in Leerdam, The Netherlands. This smurf fair is organised by Bluedwarfs.com in cooperation with The Dutch Smurf Collectors Club. There is OVER 100 metres of smurf items for sale: From 50 cents only up to more than 1000 euro and everything in between. Smurf plush, pvc figurines and a lot of other smurf merchandise: you can't think of it or it's there for sell. We have also some nice activities planned to organise on our smurf fair. Did you know that it's free entrance to our fair? Please have a look to the aftermovie from the smurf fair 2019 and 2018 and get in the mood for the upcoming edition.

Aftermovie Smurf fair Leerdam 2019:

Aftermovie Smurf fair Leerdam 2018:

Table reservation:

Do you want to sell your smurfs at one of the Dutch smurf collectors fairs organized by 'De Stichting van Smurfenverzamelaars'? Don't hesitate to e-mail us (info@bluedwarfs.com) for further information or table reservations. We can help you to make a reservation on one of these fairs (from 15 euro a table).

Smurf fairs that have passed already:

  • Sunday 24 March 2019 ("Cafe bij Bas" in Wagenberg, near Breda)
  • Sunday 7 October 2018 ("Muda Evergem" in Evergem (near Gent, Belgium)/ Hofbilkstraat 21 in Evergem Belgium (Open from 10 -15).
  • Sunday 22 march 2020 ("Cafe bij Bas" in Wagenberg, near Breda) <-- THIS FAIR IS CANCELLED DUE TO CORONA VIRUS
  • Sunday 28 June 2020 (Bluedwarfs.com office in Leerdam, near Utrecht) CANCELLED DUE TO THE GOVERNMENT/ CORONA (Please read further below)

Bluedwarfs.com is (with reservation) represent on all these smurf fairs.

If you like to visit one of these smurf fairs, you can make order your smurfs in our webshop from before and pay&collect it during your visit at a smurf fair. During the order process (step 4) you can select "Pick up in Leerdam (Netherlands) / A smurf fair." Due to the broad range of smurf items in our smurfwebshop, we can't take all smurf items with us to the smurf fairs. To be sure that we take your favorite smurf item(s) with us during a smurf fair we highly recommend you to order from before.  


Photo: Roelof (with sunglasses on head) and Elena (with red hairband) during a smurf fair in De Meern, The Netherlands.�

Video impression our stand at smurf fair Wagenberg, Netherlands:

The Dutch smurf fairs are organized by the Dutch Smurf Collectors Foundation (DSCF/ Stichting van Smurfenverzamelaars). What can the foundation do for you?

Four times a year DSCF send you a newsletter by post (in Dutch), but the most important information will be translated in English with an additional translation file. This newsletter gives you information about new smurf releases, smurf events, smurf stories and collectors stories.

A few times a year DSCF organises smurf fairs where you can swap or sell your duplicates and buy the smurfs on your wishlist. These meetings are usually held in The Netherlands.

Every year there are still new smurf releases! There are more than 1000 different PVC models now! And more smurf-merchandising like smurf puzzles, smurf mugs, smurf posters etc etc. There are over 1500 smurf collectors in Holland and Belgium. The smurf fairs are a good platform to meet each other and share smurf related information. These visitors come mainly from the Netherlands, but also from Belgium and Germany. The newsletter is due to appear every third month and we love it when the readers write us their stories and send us advertisements (free advertising for our supporters, due to regulations on postage it is not allowed to put prices in your ads) and smurfy clippings.

How to become a supporter?

The donation is € 15,00 a year, if you live outside the Netherlands! You can become supporter after contacting this Smurf Collectors Foundation. You can contact the Smurf foundation via:

Read online an online version of an old smurfnewspaper. Please keep in mind that the foundation can only keep organizing smurf fairs with free entrance due to smurf supporters.

If you would like to get in touch with other smurf collectors from the UK, please contact Karen through the Global Smurfs Collectors group on Facebook.