20818-20826: 8 Schleich smurfs 2020 (Smurf mix)


20818-20826: 8 smurfs 2020 (Smurf mix)

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20818-20826: 8 Schleich smurfs 2020 (Smurf mix).


Make sure that your collection of PVC smurfs is kept up to date with the newest set of Schleich figures, due for release in September 2020.

This fun range includes some modern-day updates to a few of your favourite figurines from the past, as well as some brand new characters.

The set of 8 includes smurf with butterfly, smurf with mushroom, smurf with tooth, smurf with bottle, smurf with medal, smurf with “I Love You” sign, Gargamel with net and Gargamel’s faithful but long-suffering cat Azrael.

20818-20826 refers to the article numbers in the smurf catalogues. Schleich has produced PVC smurfs in most years since 1965. Schleich smurfs are appr. 5-6 cm tall.

Complete set of the 2020 Schleich smurfs:

20818: Smurf with butterfly

20819: Smurf with amulet

20820: Smurf with tooth

20821: Smurf with bottle

20822: Smurf with medal

20823: Smurf with sign

20825: Gargamel

20826: Azrael

Page Gaschers Smurf Catalog (2003): x.

Page Davi&Gian smurf Catalog (2013): x.

Condition of the smurf: New.

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2020 Schleich smurfs 8 pieces

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