Dear smurf collector or smurf lover,

Welcome to my smurf webshop. I'am Roelof, a passionate smurf collector from the Netherlands.
When I was 6 years old (a long time ago) I started collecting smurfs. Growing up as teenager, my smurfs were still an important part of my life. Currently my private smurf collection has around 3400 pvc smurfs and many other smurf related items like products of Fariboles, Pixi, Plastoy, Leblon Delienne, smurf merchandising and many more.

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Over the years, I collected a lot of smurf items (mainly PVC) from all over the world. I met many international smurf collectors on the internet and at smurf fairs in the Netherlands and Belgium (see the Dutch smurf collectors club for more details). Some of them became my friends. In 2014 I started the Bluedwarfs webshop, because people kept asking what I had in stock and for what prices I would sell etc. It was time for this new challenge: Starting a smurf webshop with a wide range of PVC smurfs and smurf merchandising for a reasonable price. Luckily for me, I have a girlfriend (from Greece) who has become enthusiastic for the smurfs as well. Some of the advantages of my webshop are:

  • have a lot of smurf, Schleich and comic items direct in stock
  • have a trustworthy website with a positive score in our Ebay shop as well;*.
  • We are passionate about smurfs ourselves (we are smurf collectors);
  • has market based prices;
  • We ship worldwide. Your advantage: Save shipping costs and buy all in once at our one-stop smurfshop
  • We are probably the biggest specialized smurfshop in the world (no webshop have more variety in smurf merchandize than
  • We make our own productvideos to show you more detailed information about the products. 

*To save money due to Ebay or amazon fees, we advise you to buy directly from where we can offer you a lower price for our smurfs.

Our products are grouped in the following main categories:

But we have more than just smurfs. Below we list our range in Schleich figurines:

Some other comic figurines:

I hope that you are getting as enthusiastic as I am. However, if you have any smurf related questions or if you are looking for a specific smurf item (the very very expensive I don't have for sale unfortunately), please feel free to contact me. For members of social media: Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for the latest special orders and news or subscribe to our newsletter! I hope to help you complete your collection of smurfs, but I'm sure: You will never make it complete! Do you have a smurf collection for sale? We buy your smurfs as well. Feel free to contact us.

Smurf regards,


                                                                (smurf collector and creator of

P.s. Warning: If you visit my website, we are not responsible if you buy too much smurf, Schleich and comic stuff! is a specialized toyshop for smurfs and other collectable figurines.

Do you want to sell your smurfs? is buying smurfs as well. Feel free to contact us.

Smurfies (Africa),السنافر (Arabic countries), Os Smurfs/ strunfs (Portugal/ brasil), Смърфовете/Smârfovete (Bulgaria), Els Barrufets (Catalonia), Smølferne (Denmark), Die Schlümpfe (Germany), Smurfs (England), Smurfid (Estonia), Smurffit (Finland), Les Schtroumpfs (France), Os Pitufos (Galicic), Τα Στρουμφάκια/Ta Stroumfákia (Greece), הדרדסים (HaDardasim) (Hebrew), Hupikék Törpikék (Hungary), Strumparnir (Iceland), I Puffi (Italy), スマーフ (Sumaafu) (Japan), 스머프/ Seumeopeu (Korea), Štrumpfovi (Croatia), Smurfai (Litouws), 藍色小精靈 (traditional Chinese),  蓝精灵 (Simplified Chinese), Lánjīnglíng (Mandarin China), Smurfene (Norway), Smerfy (Poland), Os Estrumpfes (Portugal), Ştrumfii (Romania), Смурфы (Smurfy) (Russia), Штрумпфови/ Štrumpfovi (Serbia), Smrkci (Slovenia), Šmolkovia (Slovakia), Los Pitufos (Spain), Šmoulové (Czech), Şirinler (Turkey), اسمرف/Ismarf (Urdu), Xì Trum (Vietnam), Y Smyrffs (Welsh), Smurfarna / Smurferna (Sweden).


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