Shipping and  insurance and return policy

A) All products in Europe will be shipped with insuranced shipping (up to 500 euro). Outside Europe depends on your requests.

C) All items inside the EU are shipped with track and trace. 

D) For shipping outside the EU is not responsible for the payment of import duties. If you want insuranced shipment (mainly for expensive items), please contact us before you place your order. 

E) Ship out same day: Essentially, we will give your order to the shipping carrier the same business day that you place the order. It does not mean that your package will leave the office on the same day that you place your order.

Returns Policy will pay the cost of return delivery if your return is due to a error. Otherwise, we will deduct the cost of return delivery from the amount of your order. Alternatively, you can choose to return the items at your own cost. You still need to print the label and include it in the box (well wrapped).

Product related notes

Note 1: Not all product photos are similar to the condition of the ordered smurf. In most cases we used mint condition smurfs to show you what the smurf looks like. We always note the condition of the item in the description.

Note 2: We do our best to select the best smurfs that we have in stock. Please keep in mind that some smurfs are quite old and, although they might have changed colour due to their age, they are still in mint condition.

Note 3: We do our best to ship out the same smurf/variant as shown on the photo of the item that has been ordered. Keep in mind that the smurf you receive may be a little bit different to the one in the photo. If the title says "shiny variant" you will get an shiny variant smurf for sure. The same applies for a colour variant when it is stated in the title/ description (e.g. smurf with darkbrown hat instead of a lightbrown hat). In any other case we will send you a random variant of this specific smurf.

Explanation product conditions

On our website you will find for all our products their product condition. Below we give some more information with clear examples to give you an better impression of the product condition.

Mint condition (M/Fine/Mint in Box): This is a brand new smurf or article and looks like it’s come directly from a shop. Mint in box it means that it’s exactly how it appeared on the shelf in the original box.

Example: Nanny smurf got a soup tureen as a wedding present, never opened it, and stuck it in her closet for the next 50 years.

Near mint condition (NM/Near fine/Like New): This is a brand new smurf or article and may have some really small (almost invisible) rubs. Possibly used but must appear to be new.

Example: Nanny smurf used the soup tureen on her 25th anniversary, washed it gently, and then put it back in the closet.

Very good condition (VG): This is a used smurf or article, looks very good but might have some small defects, such as small rubs or light colour fading.

Example: If you weren’t looking for it, you might miss that Nanny’s tureen survived 5 Gargamel attacks on the smurf village as well clumsy smurf’s carrying moments.

Good condition (G): This is a used smurf or article and you can directly see this is more than just a (very) small amount of colour loss or a small rub.

Example: Nanny smurf had all the smurfs in the village over for soup and bingo every month.

Poor quality (P): Barely collectible, if at all. Severe damage or heavy use. Beyond repair.

Example: Puppy (the smurfs’ dog) didnt get enough food from Nanny smurf and started to eat a lovely smurf figurine. We will not sell these injured smurfs.

Photo: Different conditions of the smurfs