20113: Baker Smurf (Mc Donalds 1996) - Schleich - 5,5cm


2.0113: Baker Smurf (round bread). Let's make a Big Mac smurf!

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20113: Baker Smurf (round bread). Let's make a Big Mac smurf!

The smurfs are a favourite happy meal toy at McDonalds, especially for smurf collectors!

1996 saw the 25th anniversary of the arrival of the first McDonalds restaurant in mainland Europe.

This milestone was celebrated with the release of 10 collectible PVC promotional figures, including a special 25th anniversary figurine.

The set was released in the UK and Ireland in 1998 when the anniversary figurine was replaced by a smurf carrying a happy meal box. 

Page Gaschers Smurf Catalog (2003): 72/ 227 (nr. 291)

Page Davi&Gian smurf Catalog (2013): 104/ 400 (MD9605).

Condition of the smurf: New.

Note: The smurf can always be a little bit different than the photo. If you are looking for a specific smurf or variant, please contact us before you order.


20113: Baker Smurf MC donalds 96