Promotion Flyer Smurf Experience 2020 (Oberhausen)


Promotion Flyer Smurf Experience 2018 (Bruxelles)

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Promotion Flyer Smurf Experience 2020 (Oberhausen)

About the Smurf experience in Belgium:

From July 2020 the Smurfs celebrate their 62th anniversary and set up their village in Oberhausen, Germany .

The Smurf Experience is an unprecedented immersion in the magical world of the little blue characters.

Larger-than-life settings, spectacular technological effects, and amazing live shows for a unique family experience. 

Become a real Smurf, endorse their universal values and get ready for an adventure in which you are the hero!

Condition of the smurf flyer: New.

Note: The team have been to the smurf exhibition and the smurfshop. We really liked the experience and highly recommand you to go there. The avarage time you will spend there is between 1,5 hour and 2 hours. The museumshop has a wide range with smurf products. Mainlu the smurf experience mugs and smurf experience postcards are nice soovenirs to buy. The smurf exhibition is full week open. Keep into account that the sunday is the most busy day at the event. For opening hours please check the official smurf experiencewebsite.